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June 25, 2019 Meeting Agenda 

Highlands Soil and Water Conservation District
4505 George Blvd.
Sebring, FL 33875-5837
Board of Supervisors

Board Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, June 25, 2019 – 3:00 P.M.
Bert Harris Center – Conf. Room 3

I. Call To Order, Welcome & Introductions

II. Approval of Agenda
Presentation of Audit for Fiscal Year 2017-18 – John Davis, Wicks, Brown, Williams, CPA

III. Approval of Meeting Minutes
a. Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes – May 14, 2019

IV. Financial Activity
a. Overview & Approval of Financial Reports –  May 2019 – S. Bishop

V. Agency Partner Updates
a. NRCS –   C. Torres
b. FDACS – S. Bishop 
c. MIL – J. Miller
d. Extension  – L. Hurner
e. HCBCC – J. Brooks

VI. Old Business
a. County Storage/Mylar Maps – S. Bishop
b. NRCS State Technical Committee Report – S. Bishop

VII. New Business
a. FDACS BMP Technician Contract – S. Kirouac & S. Bishop
b. July Board Meeting – Scott Kirouac
c. BMP Technicians Contract – S. Bishop

VIII. Executive Director’s Report

IX. Citizens Not on the Agenda

X. Supervisor Comments

                          Next Board Meeting  – Tuesday, July 16, 2019 – 3:00 p.m.

June 25, 2019 Minutes 

Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes
Meeting Date:  6/25/2019

Meeting Location:  Bert Harris Agricultural Center-Room 3
Sebring, FL
FINAL – Approved 8/20/2019
Recorded by:  Susie Bishop

In Attendance:
For Highlands Soil & Water Conservation District:
Scott Kirouac, Chairman
Dr. John Causey, Vice-Chairman
Doug Deen, Secretary/Treasurer
Pamela Fentress, Supervisor
Steve Smith, Supervisor
Commissioner Jim Brooks, HCBCC Liaison
Susie Bishop, Executive Director
Carlos Torres, USDA-NRCS
John Davis, CPA – Wicks, Brown, Williams, CPA 

Meeting Scheduled Start: 3:00 P.m.     Call to Order: @ 3:01P.M.
Public Meeting Announcement Read by Chairman

I. Welcome & Introductions

II. Approval of Agenda
Chairman Kirouac presented agenda and asked for approval.
Motion to approve agenda as presented (Fentress/Deen).  Unanimous approval.

Special Presentation: Audit for Fiscal Year 2017-18
John Davis presented the Annual Audit reporting one finding in regards to classification of revenue of contract advances.  In the future this revenue will be classified as a liability until it is paid down to a zero balance. Following explanation of the audit report and open discussion, motion to accept as presented was made (Fentress/Causey).  Unanimous approval. Chairman Kirouac asked Davis if the audit could begin earlier in the year so we are not finishing it the week of the deadlines for submittal to the State. Davis agreed he would attempt to complete it prior to tax season.  

III. Approval of Meeting Minutes – May 14, 2019
Fentress suggested an edit be made to section V.b to change “Hemp Bill is on the Governor’s desk” to Hemp Bill will soon be on the Governor’s desk.  Motion to approve minutes with edit. (Fentress/Deen). Unanimous approval.

IV. Financial Activity
Overview & Approval of Financial Reports – May 2018 – Bishop reviewed the bank statements & financial reports for May. Motion made to approve May financial reports as presented (Causey/Deen).  Unanimous approval.  

V. Agency Partner Updates
a. NRCS – C. Torres reported applications for 2020 contracts are being accepted, three have been pre-approved in Area IV.  The NRCS staff will be attending the AFCD meeting in July. NRCS nation-wide supports an effort called “Feds Feed Families” and from June through August non-perishable food items will be collected for local food banks.   Torres said the Land Expo generated some new interest in applications for their programs.
b. FDACS – Bishop reported the new contracts for 2019-20 have not been received yet, but expected next week.
c. MIL –   Bishop reported all contract work of the MIL has been completed, with only a few CRISP projects remaining to be evaluated.
d. HCBCC – J. Brooks reported an update on the progress on the Parkway, budget workshops and meetings are taking place and half of the FEMA funds have finally been received by the County.

VI. Old Business
a. County Storage/Mylar Maps – Bishop reported the quote from Archbold for digitizing the maps the County wanted was higher than anticipated so the County has decided to scan some of the maps themselves.  Once this is completed the County will assist HSWCD in transporting the maps to Archbold. The HSWCD will relinquish ownership of the maps to Archbold with the stipulation that with advance notice the HSWCD and County will have access to the maps.   Motion made to approve the suggested plan for the mylar maps (Fentress/S. Smith), Unanimous approval.
b. Sentinel Landscape/Easement Expo – Bishop reported the event was very well done with excellent presenters.  The attendance of land owners was smaller than was hoped for, but if this becomes an annual event growth is anticipated once the format and agenda is exposed by more land owners.  c. NRCS State Technical Committee – Bishop reported she attended the meeting in Gainesville on May 21, but expressed disappointment in the new format.  While it probably worked well for the staff people in attendance, it did not work well to report on the Local Working Group meeting priorities. It didn’t allow an opportunity for SWCD to share to the group the top concerns of our agricultural producers. 

VII. New Business
a. FDACS BMP Technician Contract –Bishop reported she has been unsuccessful in getting support of a slight increase to BMP Technician salary.
b. July Board Meeting – Chairman Kirouac asked the Board if they would like to cancel the July meeting.  Motion made to cancel the July meeting (Fentress/Causey). Unanimous approval. August 20, 2019 will be the next scheduled meeting.             

VIII. Executive Director’s Report
 Bishop shared with the board the condition of D. McCullers following a fishing accident.
 The Avon Park Inspection has been completed and the report will be written soon so it can be submitted to USFWC and City of Avon Park.
 Thank you notes from the state FFA Foundation were shared with the Board.
 The Sun Trust Bank building has been demolished fully now, but nothing new has been discussed regarding the future of the property.

IX. Citizens Not on the Agenda – None

X. Supervisor Comments
Fentress – Reported LPMS – FFA project has been cancelled at this time due to resignation of FFA Teacher Advisor.
Smith –   Reminded Board to file their financial disclosures.  He also inquired about the audit finding asking if anything had been done differently than in previous years.  Bishop reported no. Discussion regarding the audit process took place.
Kirouac – Shared with the board the news of a new local bank being opened with John Shoop as the President.  HSWCD will remain with Heartland National Bank.
Deen – None
Causey – None

Meeting Adjourned 4:15 P.M.