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Work Plan

Having developed a new work plan for the District several years ago, the Board of Supervisors and Staff use the plan to constantly work towards the identified goals.  Every five years the Highlands Soil & Water Conservation District completes a S.W.O.T. analysis during a workshop to update the work plan. This includes identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to give the organization an overall analysis of the identified District’s target areas, goals within those areas of focus, the partners and resources needed to reach the goals in addition to measurements of success of completed goals. 

Target Area: Conservation of Natural Resources & Agricultural Sustainability 

GoalTime LinePartners Resources NeededSuccess Measures
Development of reorganization plan/new legislation rather than full abolishment of SWCDsOct. 2023- Sept. 2025Legislators Lobbyist Active SWCDs in State ProducersHSWCD staff hours Funding for Lobbyist Data /Annual Report End result of an adopted Bill
Dependent on adopted Legislation, assist in development of Regional SWCDs work plan with FDACS-OAWPOct. 2023-Sept. 2025General Counsel FDACS-OAWP leadership AFCD & SWCD leadersHSWCD staff hours Funding for staff travelFinal draft of a plan and implementation of Regional Districts
Pursue Administrative contracts with various conservation & natural resource entitiesOct. 2023-Sept. 2028Leaders of other organizations and entities Established networkHSWCD staff hours Supervisor involvement with potential entitiesSecure contracts
Expand on data systems of the Mobile Irrigation LabOct. 2023 - Sept. 2028Producers Statewide MIL staff FDACS-OAWPIT knowledge & funding HSWCD MIL staff hours Statewide MIL staff hours FDACS-OAWP Functional data system and searchable data information/reports
Grower education of alternative practices promoting conservationOct. 2023-Sept. 2028IFAS USDA-NRCS FDACS-OAWPVendor/Supplier participation Budgeted funding for supplies and refreshments HSWCD staff hoursAttendance, followed by implementation of new practices

Target Area: Special Projects 

GoalTime LinePartners NeededResources NeededSuccess Measures
Continue support & facilitation of the Landowners ExpoOct. 2023 - Sept. 2028Central Florida Regional Planning Council Natural Resource & Conservation Entities HSWCD staff hours CFRPC staff hours Budgeted Funding - SponsorshipContinuous growth in Attendance
Funding of educational programs ( ex. ROTC, Ag-Venture, Ag-Angels, Scholarships)Oct. 2023 - Sept. 2025Organizations ApplicantsHSWCD staff hours Budgeted fundingFunding applied for and approved, overall success of the programs
Explore special projects focused on conservation of natural resources in Highlands County for potential funding Oct. 2023 - Sept. 2028 Work with County staff, WMD, DEP, Div. of Forestry, FDACS to identify areas of concern. Determine funds needed and if HSWCD can provide funds for locally identified projects Budgeted funding Highlands County Commissioners & staff hours HSWCD staff hours Funding approved. Successful projects with data to prove success.
Work with FDACS-OAWP to increase salaries awarded to high performing staff in effort to be competitiveOct. 2023-Oct. 2024FDACS-OAWPTimely negotiations with OAWP leadership HSWCD staff hoursIncreases awarded or alternatives approved.
Re-evaluate staffing of the District succession plan. Prepare for potential Regional Leadership at Highlands SWCD. Oct. 2023-Oct. 2024Legislators Lobbylists FDACS - OAWPHSWCD Board of Supervisors HSWCD Executive Director Leadership in Tallahassee Other SWCDs in StateSuccession plan developed and implemented Successful in becoming the official location for a newly created Regional SWCD
Cross training of staffOct. 2023-Oct. 2024HSWCD FDACS-OAWP USDA-NRCS UF-IFAS County & State Government Staff from each partner to conduct trainings HSWCD staff for intertal cross-training2+ observation days with other fellow employees and/or entities with similar program/services.

Target Area: Board of Supervisors & Public Outreach/Education 

GoalTime LinePartners NeededResources NeededSuccess Measures
Continue success of Community Garden. Incorporate technology as learning tools. Oct. 2023-Sept. 2025Gardeners UF-IFAS VendorsBudgeted Funding HSWCD staff hours to manage Donations of technologyGardeners learning about value of farming. Gained knowledge about technology and farming techniques
Create and implement producer survey to be completed as an evlauation of SWCD performanceOct. 2023-Sept. 2028Producers HSWCD staff hours FDACS-OAWP field staff input Website & e-mail Working survery
Solicit testimonials from producers to share their experience with HSWCD for BMP Enrollment, Cost-Share Projects, Implementation Verification Oct. 2023-Sept. 2028Producers FDACS-OAWP field staff USDA-NRCS Staff HSWCD staff hours FDACS-OAWP field staff hours USDA-NRCS staff hoursFive or more positive testimonials to be used as validity/value of the District and the services provided
Maintain and increase involvement in conservation & agriculture eventsOct. 2023-Sept. 2025Conservation & agriculture organizationsBudgeted funding for travel HSWCD staff hours HSWCD Supervisor hours 3 events attended per HSWCD employee, 1 per Board Supervisor annually