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Board Meeting

3:00 pm

July 18, 2023 Meeting Agenda 

Highlands Soil and Water Conservation District

4505 George Blvd.

Sebring, FL 33875-5837

Board of Supervisors

Board Meeting Agenda  

Tuesday, July 18, 2023 - 3:00 p.m. 

HSWCD Conference Room- Bert Harris Agriculture Center


I. Call To Order, Welcome & Introductions – Chairman Causey

II. Approval of Agenda – Chairman Causey

III. Approval of Meeting Minutes

a. Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes – June 20, 2023         

IV. Financial Activity

a. Overview & Approval of Financial Reports-  June 2023 – S. Bishop

V. Agency Partner Updates

a. FDACS – S. Bishop & K. Nickerson

b. MIL – S. Bishop

c. NRCS Report – C. Torres

d. HCBCC - Scott Kirouac

VI. Old Business

a. Strategic Work Plan Workshop – Sept. 19 – S. Bishop

VII. New Business  

a. SWCD Activity Statewide Update – S. Bishop

VIII. Executive Director’s Report

IX. Citizens Not on the Agenda

X. Supervisor Comments

Next Board Meeting – Tuesday, August 15, 2022 – 3:00 p.m


Citizens Not on the Agenda requesting to speak will be limited to 3 minutes unless additional time is allotted by the Chairman.  The Chairman reserves the right to remove anyone from the meeting who is unruly or displays disruptive behavior.


July 18, 2023 Minutes 

Highlands Soil & Water Conservation District - Board of Supervisors

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date:  07/18/2023

Meeting Location:   HSWCD Conf. Room – Bert Harris Center

FINAL – Approved 8/15/2023

Recorded by:  Susie Bishop


Meeting Scheduled Start: 3:00 P.M.   Call to Order: @ 3:03 P.M

Public Meeting Announcement Read by Chairman


I. Welcome & Introductions

Dr. John Causey, Chairman, HSWCD

Steve Smith, Vice-Chairman, HSCWD

Doug Deen, Secretary/Treasurer, HSWCD

Sara Sebring, Supervisor, HSWCD

T.J. Wohl, Supervisor, HSWCD

Scott Kirouac, Liaison, Highlands Co. Board of County Commissioners

Susie Bishop, Executive Director, HSWCD

Kayla Nickerson, BMP Technician, HSWCD

Lauren Ahrens, BMP Technician, HSWCD

II. Approval of Agenda –    Motion to approve agenda as presented (Deen/Smith). Unanimous Approval.

III. Approval of Meeting Minutes – June 20, 2023 - Motion made to approve the minutes as presented (Wohl/Sebring).  Unanimous Approval.

IV. Financial Activity

a. Overview & Approval of Financial Reports- June 2023: Review of bank statements & financial reports. Motion to approve the financial reports as presented (Deen/Wohl). Unanimous Approval.  Bishop presented CD statement informing the Board the 6 Mos. CD is due today having earned $2,281.10 at 4.5% interest.  Motion made to renew the CD for 6 Mos.(Wohl/Deen). Unanimous Approval.  

V. Agency Partner Updates 

a. FDACS – Bishop reported workload is light because staff is several months ahead of schedule with IV lists. Cost share projects for year 2022-23 are close to all being completed. No Action.

b. MIL – Bishop reported required number of evaluations have been completed with extra ones on the books too.  The issues with the Project Manager at FDACS continues to be a challenge, but Bishop is working with other MIL Staff to address all the concerns. No Action.

c. NRCS – No Report.

d. HCBCC – Kirouac reported on Fire Assessments on Ag Zoned Properties, IMWID and Budget.

VI. Old Business

a. Strategic Work Plan - Bishop reported Christy Chiarelli is available and has

committed to facilitate our Workshop on September 19 at 1:00 p.m.  to develop a new Strategic Work Plan.    Bishop asked for requests/input from the Board for this workshop. No Action.

VII. New Business

a. SWCD Activity Statewide Update - Bishop provided information regarding actions of Supervisors in other SWCDs statewide that could bring some negative attention to SWCDs and what their actual purpose is.  Bishop will be attending a meeting in Tallahassee on Aug. 2 with a top lobbyist to discuss how we can be pro-active regarding the potential threat of legislation to dissolve Districts.   No Action.

VIII. Executive Director’s Report

Items presented:

· Bishop affirmed Supervisors completed and submitted Form 1 to the Supervisor of Elections office by the deadline of July 3, 2023.  All affirmed they did.

· A public records request was completed yesterday that included employee information and payables for year 2022.

· Bishop discussed with the Board in regards to  FDACS-OAWP Director West Gregory informing ALL SWCD contracted staff will not see the 5% COLA increase awarded to all state employees due to the fact the BMP Program Line Item in the budget did not receive an increase so he can’t grant the salary increases.  Bishop would like the Board to discuss what HSWCD can do for the valuable employees we now have.  Bishop will bring back suggestions at the August meeting. 

 IX. Citizens Not on the Agenda – None

X. Supervisor Comments -

Smith - None

Deen - None  

Sebring – None

Wohl – None

Causey - None


Meeting Adjourned at 4:17 p.m.